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Warwick Castle

Went to Warwick Castle on the 28th April, mostly for the new Merlin attraction they've got there. I am a fangirl.

The weather was spankingly good, I'm also pathetically proud of this picture. It looks so pretty.
I also love my uv lens filter, everything was so blue!

The Trebuchet!! We were stupid and left before this launched, it's brilliant too.

Man!Hamster !!

Ducky was trying to steal my chips.

I love Peacocks!

Mister Duck joins in on the chip action.

This is where I'll be brilliant now and completely forget what these birds are! ^^;

Well that one's an Owl. :P

Waited far too long for him to stop preening long enough for a decent photo. I also love Eagles!

We were 15 mins early for the Merlin thing so decided to do the 300+ steps walk around the castle walls.


It also took 20 minutes and we missed the let in for Merlin. Authentic 15th century wench tells us we can get the next one, so we decided to sit sensibly on the grass instead. Also, so I could ring work because I had no idea what time I was in the next day. (Like always)


One day she will stop wearing them around me.

Beth got proposed to by Henry VIII!! She asked for a picture, and he offered for someone to be in it, as he walked off I showed it to him and he was all "of course its a good picture I'm beautiful" Because we didn't disagree he moved in with a smooth, "I'm actually in the market for a new wife, as it happens"
Beth replies with "Behead the one you're with now and I'm yours!"

...He was the best Henry VIII since the real one XD

This bird was amazing, he had an 8 foot wingspan!! Amazing when he flew over us.

They just rule.

I just...I can't take her anywhere. XD

Look at them though!!

Warwick is stunning. Sometimes England isn't so terrible.

....What? He was walking back to the carpark, he wanted me to follow him.

Showoff birds. :P

Not much else has been happening, I went to Alton Towers the following Sunday, which was brilliant even though half the park went under in a power cut so we only had half the rides until it was fixed. They did keep it open an extra hour to make up for it though. :)

I can't think of anything else. Bodycare are working me hard, and I'm spending the wages even harder. Fun life this 'almost adulthood' thing.
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