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DAD POST - Safari Park 14/3/11

West Midlands Safari Park . 14th March. :3

Mornin'. This is the best I can manage when my own eyes won't even focus properly.

Bur. Too early to be awake on a week off.

Hi :3

I went to Crufts the day before and picked my friend's dog up a toy because she's lovely.

Remember to grab tunes for the ride. Favourite Brit band right now!

Also need to give this to my mom to post back for me. Addicted to Blockbusters online.

Because I got up late like always I was in too much of a rush to capture morning stuff but the usual happened. On our way to the Safari Park!

Looking slightly more awake!

Look at them discussing petrol prices like ~proper adults~

Update Twitter.

Trying to get a picture of a blimp. Failed terribly.

I couldnt get a steady picture of this but YAY WE'RE THERE.

The picture of Beth's car abandoned in the carpark is because when we arrived they told her it's classified as a soft top (Yeah? I didn't either) and so we'd have to bypass all the animals with claws. Y'know the only point anyone goes to the safari park. So we had to pay an extra £4 each to take the minibus.

Thankfully we had a brilliant, crazy man from Yorkshire taking us round. Who was hilarious, so we didn't mind so much.

This was an Ellipsen Waterbuck (thank you website!). He told us it's familiar by the fact that it looks like it's sat on the toilet for too long.

You can see his point.

Eland antelope are so cute!

I think Beth fed him. :)

I swear they put their backsides to the road on purpose.

Albino Wallabies!


This little guy had recently moved to the park so was still in quarantine. They're really endangered. I just wanted to hug him.

Yeah I might have a softspot for little deer like creatures. Blame Bambi. There was tons of these Blackbucks running around.

Baby one!

Apparently this one was probably only about 2 or 3 days old. SO CUTE.


They were both asleep with full bellies.

Rhino are so sweet, look at him getting a love.

So pretty. I'd love to see one run, instead of, y'know...chilling. :P

Before we entered the Wild Dogs he gave us this big speech about how they're the deadliest animals in the whole park.

Yup. Looks it.

LIONS. Those things with the manes I just want to fluff up.

The White Lions were out and moving!

So pretty.

He was stunning.

More deer! I fed this one :D

Albino deer!!

The man laughed at me for calling them Bambi deer...

I love this place.

She really loved that branch.

This duck was amazing. It was stealing all the feed I we dropped on the grass.

Safari over, I left my camera with my friends for two minutes while I ran to put something in the car and they spammed it.

Look at my epic running skills. Yeah, jealous.


Best window display everrr?

Sea Lions were waiting to be fed.


"Is that food? Seriously that looks like food, why aren't you giving me the food?" She was massively pregnant and still climbed that fence. Crazy goats.


...I like crocodiles...

Food timeees.

I don't know why I let her have my camera. Ever.

Beth brought a pot of fish at the feeding, and they wouldn't leave us alone.


I'm sorry I love them.

Look at that face!


Sea Lion show, because they're fabulous.

Byes Safari Paaark~

I couldn't resist his little face.

To Beth's to give Puppy Peg her toy. She was lying down until she noticed the car.

It's safe to say she loved it :D

Beth takes us home, Peg comes with.

So she can savage my parents. For some reason she loves it at my house, can't think why :P

Beth takes Peg home, and I finally get to eat something again. NOM PASTA AND WARM MELTY BUTTER BREAD.

Back to Tumblr where everything is Merlin Beautiful.

This is where TV and internet do their usual and completely distract me for hours.

Toddlers and Tiaras is such a guilty pleasure. The parents are so insane.

Trying to take a serious picture while I can hear my mom's friend on the phone is impossible.

Finally retire to the upstairs. Because my laptop battery went

Watch some crappy shows on BBC3.

Seeing's as me and Beth had decided before she left we'd do Tycross zoo the day after I figured I should sleep.

Nighty Night :3
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