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"I want a urine sample from everybody and someone get me a latte..."

So remember how I was doing that 52 weeks thing?
Yeah I sort of fell behind, and I don't know if I can be bothered to catch up with it. Lol no-one cares

Last week I saw Rango. Rango is amazing, everyone should go watch Rango. :D
Johnny Depp is on serious form, and there's even a nod to Hunter S. on the highway. Which I may have squealed at.

ALSO THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 TRAILER WAS ON. Which I definately squealed at! But that's okay because it's going to be amazing!

I also saw Paul and now understand all the fuss over it because that was brilliant too :D I don't know who the humour lacking critics were who wrote all the reviews for it. Must have been watching a different film to me. Or maybe I'm just a complete nerd who found all the nerd jokes funny.

This week is my week off work, I've been to Crufts, West Midlands Safari Park and Twycross zoo already...so there's a load of cute animal pictures coming.
Although I managed to take 410 Monday at the safari park (...and here's me worrying I wouldn't have enough for the DAD I was doing) so it's a lot of editing that's putting my severely RAM lacking old computer under a rather lot of pressure.

Have a big fluffy yeti-dog to tide you over. :)

ALSO I MAY BE GETTING A KITTEN. But it's not certain yet. :3 !!
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