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Yep still alive! (And a bit tipsy in that picture. Oh well.)

This week was my week off work, but I haven't really done anything except see friends and spend three nights in pubs.

Right now I'm attempting to add more to the photo wall I'm trying to do over my bed.

The fun I'm actually having should probably be embarrassing, but to be completely honest I don't care :D

It's getting there slowly!


documentaday's themed photo post was bookshelves and since I haven't posted here in over a month! I thought I may as well upload them here too. :3

My collection is pitiful. I am terrible at keeping up on reading though. I've only managed three of those True Blood books and that stack of comics on the top are all 'to-read'.
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Merlin: Sleepy

Warwick Castle

Went to Warwick Castle on the 28th April, mostly for the new Merlin attraction they've got there. I am a fangirl.

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Not much else has been happening, I went to Alton Towers the following Sunday, which was brilliant even though half the park went under in a power cut so we only had half the rides until it was fixed. They did keep it open an extra hour to make up for it though. :)

I can't think of anything else. Bodycare are working me hard, and I'm spending the wages even harder. Fun life this 'almost adulthood' thing.

Why Am I Even Posting This?

I opened livejournal with the full intention of spilling out a long rambling thing about how I'm feeling lately and all the turmoil and crap that's going on inside me but now I'm here I can't think of a word.

Basically I feel like crap even though my life is pretty good so then I feel guilty for feeling bad about 'nothing' and then the guilt festers away and makes me feel bad.

Also I'm lonely and getting a bit sick of spending pretty much every evening by myself.

This is pretty much a 'wahwah why am I single / why do I feel so completely unappealing / why does it feel like all my friends are happier then me / why does it seem like I'm not really living.

I shouldn't complain. I know I shouldn't. I have a job, I have a home and money, no-one I know is sick or suffering or really struggling.

I have no reason to feel bad, which makes it worse that I do. I feel like I'm just whining and I just need to suck it up and grow up.

... I thought teenage angst problems stopped when you got to your twenties?? :(

"I want a urine sample from everybody and someone get me a latte..."

So remember how I was doing that 52 weeks thing?
Yeah I sort of fell behind, and I don't know if I can be bothered to catch up with it. Lol no-one cares

Last week I saw Rango. Rango is amazing, everyone should go watch Rango. :D
Johnny Depp is on serious form, and there's even a nod to Hunter S. on the highway. Which I may have squealed at.

ALSO THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 TRAILER WAS ON. Which I definately squealed at! But that's okay because it's going to be amazing!

I also saw Paul and now understand all the fuss over it because that was brilliant too :D I don't know who the humour lacking critics were who wrote all the reviews for it. Must have been watching a different film to me. Or maybe I'm just a complete nerd who found all the nerd jokes funny.

This week is my week off work, I've been to Crufts, West Midlands Safari Park and Twycross zoo there's a load of cute animal pictures coming.
Although I managed to take 410 Monday at the safari park (...and here's me worrying I wouldn't have enough for the DAD I was doing) so it's a lot of editing that's putting my severely RAM lacking old computer under a rather lot of pressure.

Have a big fluffy yeti-dog to tide you over. :)

ALSO I MAY BE GETTING A KITTEN. But it's not certain yet. :3 !!

Just saying...

Lj cuts exist folks.

Also, banning me from commenting on your journal because I dared to challenge your obviously superior opinions? Real mature.

I'll just be over here never doing anything meaningful with my life because I eat meat and work for minimum wage.

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Basically :D
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